Product Conception

Luxus Home Fragrance has extensive experience in developing customer’s own brand candles and diffusers.

We can develop a fully bespoke product, or can work with free-issue componentry to manufacture a customer’s vision. We can offer a full range of design and packaging solutions to aid in your brand development. We are happy to produce as few as 100 products per order, but we have the capacity to manufacture much larger quantities.

Before we can get started, we need to know a little bit of information about you and your ideas, so we can try and understand your project. We can usually do this via email, or by a phone call. If you would prefer a face-to-face meeting, feel free to visit us at our Plymouth office. We are also happy to come to you, or meet at a location mutually beneficial to all of us.

Once we have had an initial conversation, and we understand your needs, we can send you out a checklist highlighting the information we need to provide an initial quote.

Once this is returned, we will read through all of this information, and respond to confirm we have your details. We may have some questions we need to clarify to ensure quote is clear and accurate.

We believe that the initial quote will be fair and reasonable, but designs and ideas may change during the development stage, which may cause slight changes to the final cost. The initial quote will include all sampling and development costs, product costs and delivery charges. We want to ensure you have as much information as possible from the start, and there are no surprises later in the project. We will provide you with a timeline for the project for each aspect along the way, to ensure you know how long the project will take and what actions are needed to ensure deadlines are met.

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