If the initial quote and timeline meet with your requirements in respect of costs and time, we can develop the project further.

We will ask for a development fee of between £250-500 depending on the size of the project and the number of fragrances you wish to develop. The development fee will allow us to provide you with container or packaging examples, fragrance testers, initial candle samples and pre-production samples. It will allow us to offer you all our experience and help in launching your product. We would ask for this payment on a pro-forma basis for all new customers.

From here, we can start developing the project further with sampling of packaging concepts, fragrance development and container choice.

We will provide initial samples of candles or diffusers to help aid a decision on percentage fragrance that is required. These can be tested by the customer, but will not be the final version, as we will carry out further testing to ensure the very best product will be delivered. Safety labels and packaging information to ensure product is CLP* compliant will be provided once percentage fragrance has been agreed.

Once the initial sampling and development is complete, and all aspects of manufacturing are agreed, we can move to production.

*Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation 2015

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