If you need to see examples of containers or packaging, or even packaging options, we would prefer to send you visuals. If you would like to have products in hand to make a judgement upon, there is a small charge of £25 to cover carriage and handling.

We work with a variety of waxes to produce the very best candle to complement our customers’ needs and desires. We work with paraffin, soy and rapeseed wax, and are continually trialling new blends and products.

If you desire your products to have good eco credentials, we would recommend you look at soy or rapeseed wax as this comes from a renewable resource. We can offer organic or fair-trade wax, but the cost of this may be detrimental to the project.

A paraffin wax, although derived from the oil industry, will give a fantastic burn and fragrance throw.

It does depend on the quality of the fragrance chosen, but for a candle we would suggest between 6% and 10%. For a diffuser, 20% would be appropriate.

There are many shapes and sizes to pick from, and we can give you a wide selection of options for you to consider. Generally, people will use a glass container, and may add decoration to personalise this form of container. Ceramic is also an interesting choice, and gives a wide variety of options for finish and decoration.

If you have a smell you love, this is the best place to start. Think of what you like about it, and what other fragrances will compliment these. If you have a theme, we can help advise what fragrances may complement these ideas. We have a selection of ideas in house that can help you with your selection.

There are many choices from flat packed card to rigid boxes. Cost will always be a factor on choice, but we can advise on what is the best selection to fit your budget and container.

Once fragrances have been developed, initial samples will be produced at different percentages of fragrance. From this, an informed decision can be made on what percentage of fragrance will be used. We have the software to produce all relevant CLP information and is included in the cost of development. We will advise on all labelling to ensure all relevant CLP details are included on any labelling or packaging.

Generally, it will take 4-8 weeks to see a full set of samples from signing off initial designs.

We would always advise 16-24 weeks for a new brand launch from start to finish. Many aspects of brand development can run in conjunction with each other (glass decoration, packaging and fragrance development), but it always takes longer than you think to get everything right!

Products will be palletised as this is the safest way to transport your products. We will confirm delivery details with you (access or weight restrictions) to ensure pallets are packed accordingly. We will confirm a day in advance that the pallet is complete, delivery quantities and that customer is available to accept delivery on proposed date